Savannah (savannah_lynn) wrote in new_tokyo,

Nani yo?? Pt. 1

Artemis sighed and faced the visitors from Kinmokusei. "There is something important you need to know. As you can see, the senshi are not acting like themselves. It started a month ago... Neptune-san started acting odd... at first, it was small, rolling her eyes behind Serenity-sama's back when she gave an order. Then, it was open defiance. After that, she and Minako-hime began talking together in corners..." He looked at each of the Kinmokians and had a visual of Mercuy yelling at him. "I hope you don't mind that I call her my Princess... I began to call her that after Crystal Tokyo had been manifested... She is my Princess. The Princess of Venus." He looked down and sighed. "But, after that, Serenity-sama... Minako-hime says she can't remember what happened. All she says is 'Michiru-san and I were talking, and then I was watching Usagi-chan's pigtails in the water.' And we can't get a straight answer from Michiru. All she will say is 'the sea saw her as unfit'."

~*To be continued...*~
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