Savannah (savannah_lynn) wrote in new_tokyo,

Eris was getting restless, and so was I!!!

Eris grinned. This was getting pretty good. If she was lucky, this fiery senshi would take out all of the others. That is, unless... the Goddess peeked into the dining room. Good, the queen was still unconcious. She was the only one who could heal Mars. Eris glided down, invisible, and put her face close to Minako's. The goddess hissed in her face. The pale girl flinched, causing the ageless one to laugh. She was having too much fun on this assignment. She had sensed Athena earlier, but had ignored it. Fate said that she wanted to get others involved. The Goddess of Discord stretched, and decided to plan who her next victim was going to be... maybe the quiet one with the blue hair... she giggled and floated away.

So, tengo un LAPTOP!!! YAY!!! I'll be OL more often, thanks to that! I know that it's kind of stopped for now, but I WAS BOOOORRRREEEEDD!!!!
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